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Not Just Learning

Blended Learning

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Online Course

  • Create online courses which can be accessed anytime , anywhere

  • Lession wise and topic wise course management

  • Add quizzes and assignments in between online lectures

  • Keep the course private or publish it to public

  • Edit existing courses or import new courses

  • Add quizzes and assignments in between online lectures

  • Keep Track of Time Spent on a Course and auto resume

  • Feedback at the end of each session or chapter

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Classroom Training

  • Create Classrooms with assigned number of Participants and Classroom owner
  • Schedule the training or lectures with Calendar View
  • Automatic attendance facility with entry and exit logs·
  • Add trainers or faculties for the Class
  • Automatic attendance facility with entry and exit logs·
  • Add or import Participants· Add or import Participants·
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Virtual Classroom

  • Create unlimited virtual classroom and schedule it with calendar view
  • Seamless integration with go to meeting apps like Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, Webex and others
  • Live training session on any device be it Mobile Phone or Laptop
  • Collaborate with participants ,do brainstorming through discussion forum
  • Feedback at the end of each training or class
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Self Learning

  • Instructor-less learning through online courses
  • Assess yourself and get certified
  • Instructor led learning path management
  • Browser course anytime from anywhere
  • Multiple attempts if assessment for better coverage of the course


Pre Assessment, Post Assessment & Inline Quiz


  • Advance assessment and practice for learner before starting a course
  • Easily manageable multiple choice and single choice questions
  • Import the questions in bulk
  • Lession wise and topic wise course management Set automatic Quiz evaluation, dynamic marking system for weighted and negative marking
  • Lesson wise question bank for every course
  • Skill wise Lesson management
  • Dynamic selection of questions from question bank
  • Ability to enable quiz during course topics, Time Bound, Limited / Unlimited attempts

Subjective Assignment

  • Dynamic assignment of subjective assessment to learners
  • Assignment download and upload by learners
  • Timebound assignments
  • Multiple assignment for every course
  • Filesize restriction
  • Score and comment by Instructor
  • Time recording for assignment completion


  • Analysis, Dashboard and Certification
  • Proof of growth in caparison with pre-assessment of the course
  • Lesson wise dynamic assessment questions
  • Certification on course after crossing passing marks
  • Skill based Strength & Weakness Evaluation
  • Dashboard for overall analysis, chapter wise analysis, skill based mapping and many more
  • Credit score gamification with every certification of the course
  • Dynamic selection of questions from question bank
  • Ability to allow single or multiple attempts
  • Ability to set a timebound assessment

Inline Quiz

  • Place one or many Quizes inside the course
  • Topic wise quiz management
  • Realtime quiz assessment report to learners
  • Dynamic questions from quiz bank
  • Single view assessment insights
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More Secure

Multilevel security to stay away from piracy and hacks

  • Role based access control
  • Time bound access control for learners and organizations
  • Single Sign-On Integration
  • Multilevel Hierarchical control structure
  • Permission table based controls for higher security requirements
  • Fully Secure Mobile App

    Highly Scalable

  • Train as much people or as much departments as you wish

  • Multi-tenancy model of hosting capability
  • Cloning of course for new version
  • SCORM 1.2 capability for importing course package from any other LMS
  • Integration with your Active Directory / LDAP
  • Customisable microsite for every course
  • Design every course in different style using containerization
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Content Management

Create and Manage ready to use content with different features

  • Multilingual capability for all your preferred languages
  • Create authors or owners for your content
  • Virtual Laboratory facility for online training on dedicated systems and gamification
  • Chapter Wise and topic wise content progress dashboard
  • Categorisation of lessons based on skills
  • Activity Dashboard with all available courses, new courses, recommended courses, enrolled courses and other features

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Easily Accessible

Bring the learning where the users are. Use it on any device at your convenience

  • Mobile App with intuitive UI
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Single Sign-On Integration
  • Topic in Detail, Rich Text Description, Image Content, Auto Resume Video Tutorial, Offline Reading

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