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Best Fit

What makes us the Best fit?

Central Government

Employee Training, Social Schemes

State Government

Employee Training, Social Schemes

Public Organisations

Employee Training, Management Training


Social Schemes, Training to Field Workers

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Intuitive Interface

eLearning can be highly scalable, unlike any other classroom program. With Courspectra you can train multiple number of doctors and hospital staffs, even department wise or from multiple hospitals

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High Security

Multilayer security with time bound, role based access control and hierarchical structure managing overall control.

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Auto Evaluation and Certification

Evaluate the trainees automatically along with skill mapping & provision of digital certificates on completion

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Virtual Laboratory

Integration of virtual systems or Labs will help in public skill development plans as it will increase accessibility

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Extended Enterprise/ Multi-Tenant

A vast number of varied learning programs can be managed through Courspectra Platform

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Automate the repeated task and design elements and create new courses in few clicks

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